These web pages has been created with the intention to write the history of permanent downhole reservoir- and production monitoring systems, how it evolved into performing actions downhole and how this has been integrated into the active well completion systems.

(Active well completion systems is what some so wrongly call “intelligent” completion systems or “smart” wells. A very few also call it DIACS - Downhole Instrumentation And Control Systems.)

However, I believe that we will soon see autonomous systems monitoring downhole, evaluate production  and drainage efficiency and taking decisions to adjust valves, etc. Then we can start describing the systems as “intelligent” well completion systems - Not now!

So, from monitoring towards the intelligent well using artificial intelligence.

When I was asked by SPE Stavanger if I could talk about this topic in the March 2007 meeting, I started writing down what I had in my memory. And it turned out to be quite interesting, and it struck me thereafter that I have not seen any attempt to assemble the story before. So why not do it here then?

And I guess the follow up will be to write about the i-field, the digital oil field...

I hope you appreciate that the information herein is to my best knowledge quite correct, but I am more than open for suggestions and corrections. Remember that it is only in very recent times that we got the information so much more accessible using the Internet.

Go go go!  Henning ;-)

Give me your input, so that we can write The Story together!

These web pages are the property of Henning Hansen. No copying allowed. You may use information from here freely, but you will be fair to yourself, your colleagues and the industry by providing a reference to where you got the info from!

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Last update: 2. January 2010

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