Dolores, Spain, October 27, 2010
Patent application filed on novel wellbore pumping solutions

3 new methods for novel pumping of wellbore fluids to the surface has been described in recent filed patent;

  1. BulletDownhole pump system for efficient artificial lift of low to medium volume onshore oil wells, designed specifically for horizontal wellbores.

  2. BulletA small diameter, through tubing deployed electric downhole pump system for gas well dewatering.

  3. BulletA low complex umbilical deployed pump for low volume oil/water production (as an alternative to e.g. beam pumps and some PCP’s)

These solutions were invented and described following a number of discussions with operating companies requiring better artificial lift for horizontal onshore wells, as well as operators requiring a cost efficient retrofit artificial lift pump system for offshore wells without having to pull and replace the production tubing system.

We are currently involving several operating companies in the early stage design, where their input to operation, cost, reliability and efficiency are important to include in the detailed design.

For more information, see the web site of DayaLift S.L.


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