Multifunction downhole barrier plug/valve

We have filed a patent application on a new product,

A downhole plug/valve that will save considerable sums for the E&P companies

that can be used in wellbores where a downhole barrier (plug or valve) are requested either as wireline inserted or as an integrated part of the well completion string.


  1. BulletWireline or coiled tubing installed/retrieved, or integrated as a well completion component

  2. BulletAs wireline installed barrier, the unit can use locks or slips, depending on well completion features present

  3. BulletWill hold pressure from below

  4. BulletPressure equalizing or pumping through closed plug is possible by pumping fluids into well above barrier

  5. BulletA barrier that can be opened and closed as many times one wants, without any wellbore interventions

  6. BulletNo need to mobilize a wireline crew, loose production etc. while rigging up, running into well, etc., to open or close the valve

  7. BulletA barrier that can be used in additional to bullheading the reservoir for well completions/recompletions or installation of insert technologies within existing tubing (as e.g. our own insert gas lift solution)

  8. BulletNo electronics or batteries

  9. BulletNo cable or control line to surface

Technology background:

Working with a North Sea operating company on our insert gas lift solution, a requirement for a downhole barrier in additional to bullheading (killing) the well came up. We thereafter came up with a solution to achieve this.
The solution is based on using standard components available from a number of wireline/well completion component suppliers, introducing a new innovative component and combining these.

We are seeking partners to design, build, qualify and introduce this product to the global wellbore market.

Patent pending.

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