BECH AFD (Autonomous Flowcontrol Device)

The self-adjusting “ICD”.

We are currently developing our new tool together with Statoil, and therefore the tool you see on this web page will change as we are progressing the project. Current plan is to have completed design and testing of prototype within December 2011/January 2012.

Note also that the sketches illustrate a AFD with a sand screen attached. This is a concept only, where most likely the AFD will be of a design that can easily attach to any screen from any vendor. Our target is not to design or manufacture sand screens ourselves.

If you are familiar with ICD’s, you’ll understand how our tool works with respect to inflow or injection path. Flow from the reservoir enters through a sand screen, where it then goes through a choke before it enters the Autonomous Flowcontrol Device (AFD). After this, the flow exits into the production stream to the wellhead. The AFD will maintain a pre-requested flow rate, even if pressure outside and/or inside changes.

A complete tool may have up to 4 AFD’s incorporated.

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